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April 15, 2021 by At India » Pune, in
My mission is to help you FOCUS on your CORE activities
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Sudhir Bhatt
Please specify what services you offer, your timings etc.
May 8, 2021
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Karen Fernandes
Sir can you whatsapp me on 8484082208, i will revert back to you. also in this add description i have mentioned the link to book a meeting slot to discuss further on your requirement
May 11, 2021
Wow. great Gig Karen.
May 22, 2021

Product Information


I am Karen Fernandes - having 25 years of Corporate experience. I have many services to offer you as a Virtual Assistant.

Task which are non-core and taking away your valuable time of your absolutely CORE activities.

Some examples:

  • Data Entry
  • Telecalling
  • Create Social Media platforms
  • Update Old documents with new content
  • Upload / replace content on Website
  • Coordinate your meeting schedule
  • Text to voice 
  • Set up Google my business
  • Check the website navigation
  • Photoshoot
  • Photo Editing
  • Graphic Design
  • Mass Mailing
  • Many more...

Discuss before you place the order on:

I will help you by understanding your task, priortizing the activities and making an action plan for effective execution of the same.

All you need is to book a meeting slot here - to explain your non-core activity which you can offload to me (your perfect virtual assistant)

The rate quoted is on Hourly basis but based on the scope of work we can offer you a monthly package.


Karen Fernandes

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