Digital Market Festival Day 2 (80% Done)

See, now that you’re here I hope it’s become clear That the NEXT decade Is like a business arcade Collect those Leads So that you never bleed Because the Money is in the list And that, you gotta keep persist. Whether your a coach or trainer, Or a good old freelancer You gotta have these systems up So that you can start making those bucks. All in one is the name of the game And for that we have a name Its DMOS for short, And it’s taught us a lot. You need a killah website That stays up all night You need an LMS Ofcourse And manage your workforce You need to automate That, let’s not contemplate Let’s save time, maybe drink some wine While the AI unwinds, and does “your” time. Once you Finish Your Setup. It’s time to get up Focus like an eagle! Drive traffic and move the needle… Now imagine for a second, You have the secret weapon And with knowledge comes power Go build your business empire.

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