PR Kickstarter
PR Kickstarter
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₹ 52,000.00
Hackathon - Pro Package
Hackathon - Pro Package
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₹ 28,000.00

DigitalMarket Free Trial Package

Setup your entire online business in under 7 Days. Simple, Easy and Now!

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    Digital Market Operating Suite!

    Our mission is to remove as many obstacles as possible for entrepreneurs who want to grow and scale an online business today.

    Our vision is for every citizen to have the option of making money using the Internet where they are or wherever they want to go.The Internet can be the greatest equaliser today. 

    With that in mind we built DMOS. An all in one tool, that will help you achieve your online business goals. After literally trying every tool in the market, being realistic on costs, we found no solution that was a perfect fit. 

    Either it was Standalone or just too expensive. Or even worse, complicated.

    We focussed on the MUST HAVE. 

    We focussed on easeWe focussed on speedBuilding DMOS has been the single biggest challenge we have undertaken. 

    More than 2 years of real time development and constant customer feedback we rebuilt DMOS ground up multiple times. 

    Based on the Must Have, Ease & Speed.

    Fast Forward Today, Given the right training you can setup a comprehensive Online Business in Under Minutes.

    Build Your Website, LMS, Setup Your CRM, Invoicing, Project Management, Live Chat and you should be pretty much set.

    We want to make DMOS a household name

    Keeping that in mind we will always be entrepreneur friendly pricing and let our customers be our brand evangelists. Nothing can stop a community with united vision. The mantra has always been “Simple, Easy, Now”.

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