A detailed guide on How to start Freelancing Graphic Designs

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This article will explain give you insights on how to start Freelancing Graphic Designs.

Graphic design has become an important and effective tool of communication between business and their audience, with people increasingly realizing the value of design in building their own value.


The demand for graphic design is always higher than ever. In this article, I will give you valuable insights on how to freelance graphic design? There are multiple things to consider, and hurdles to cross. However, if you possess the talent to design and then the will to follow through and you are halfway there.


When becoming your own boss, you have the freedom to set up your own rule. The decision to become a graphic designer can hit you on the head like a wave on a beach or sneak into your consciousness like a fragrant aroma. This is not a job, graphic design is a passion. Here’s everything you need to know on how to freelance graphic design?


Have you ever wondered how to start freelancing graphic design? If you are venturing into the field of graphic design for yourself, this article should help you out tremendously. Before starting a freelance graphic design, you need to know what is freelancing graphic design?




 What is a freelancing graphic design?

A freelance graphic designer visually communicates the message of a project by using images, symbols, and colors. There is no business in the world that doesn't use visual communication. They use it either in the form of logos, business cards, and promotional materials.


So now you are clear on what is freelancing graphic design let’s proceed by knowing what are the freelance graphic design websites.



Freelance graphic design websites.


Looking for the best freelance graphic design websites? There are tons of freelance graphic design websites online but among them, a few best are cited below. That's why I have compiled the list of these 5 best freelance graphic design websites and how to get freelance graphic design work. Here are the top 5 freelance graphic design websites to find freelance graphic design jobs for 2020.


Top 5 freelance graphic design websites.


  • Behance
  • 99 designs
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Fiverr


  1. Behance


Behance is a great platform owned by the Adobe family to showcase discover creative work. People can showcase their original work and get featured and can get projects and get paid.


  1. 99 Designs


99designs focuses on designer jobs-everything from logo to book covers. It is another great freelancing website that allows designers to connect with businesses around the world.


It helps you from finding opportunities for joining a community of designers. It is exclusively for graphics designers, logo creators, and ad design professionals.


At no cost, this platform provides you the opportunity to showcase your creativity, knowledge with regular updating of articles. Check their website here.



  1. Upwork


Upwork is one of the most popular freelancing websites to get a job in a graphic design career. It has over 200,000 graphic and web designers available, so you will not face any trouble in finding freelancers for graphic design jobs.


Upwork follows 2 steps for hiring a graphic designer:


  • By posting job lists and have freelancers responding to them.
  • By going through their profiles and reaching out to them manually by yourself.




  1. Freelancer


It was founded in the year 2009. It is an important freelancing website that helps you in finding out appropriate clients for your freelancing graphic design jobs.


  1. Fiverr


Fiverr is an Online freelancing website for freelance services. Services offered on the site including how to create a freelancing website, writing, translation, graphic design, video editing, programming, etc. You can get freelance graphic jobs.


 For more information about these sites please visit my articlehere.




Tools required for graphic designing:-


To learn graphic designing and to have the expertise, you must use the below tools.


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Corel Draw
  • Inkspace
  • MS Powerpoint


You can also use Canva and Crello as they have amazing predefined templates that you can use to create graphics designs


Freelancing graphic design Rates:


Do you know how much does a freelance graphic designer make?


Most graphic designers get amazing income while freelancing graphic design.

In Upwork people pay 100 to 200$ by simply designing a single logo. Some people choose graphic designing as a career option and can a handsome income. Freelance graphic design salary in the US is about 55K$ to 80K$ per annum.


Often graphic freelancers find difficulty in how to price out their work. It’s always tricky to set up the price. I will clarify so that you can properly charge your clients accordingly. As well as make sure that you're charging them fairly, while still getting paid yourself and making sure that you are being valued for the skills you are providing.


There's a wide variety of pricing strategies out there that I recommend that you take a look at and research in your own time, but these are some pricing strategies I found for myself that really worked well with the client worked well With me and help me build myself out in a way where I came off, professional got the money I was looking for.


If you are simply designing logos, book covers, and doing simple graphics and animations you can charge as per the complexity of the work and timeline but nothing less than 50$ per hour.


If you are doing any ad for any agency then you can charge 300$ to 1000$ per hour as per your cost operation.


If you still have confusion then you can check different freelancing sites and filter it to graphic designing work and see other trusted freelancers charging, you will get a fair idea and you can

Create your own package and adjust your pricing as per your preference.


But don’t ever try to knowingly overcharge you will not only lose clients trust which is super important in any business but also you will lose other clients that potentially you could have got

By referrals.



Freelance graphic design salary:


The average salary of a graphic designer depends on geographic location but good designers earn a handsome salary. In the US designers earn in the range of 55K$ to 80K$ per annum

The creative directors earn more up to 100k$ per annum



How to Pitch to Clients:



In order to reach out to the graphic design clients, the following five steps will help you to get clients for freelance graphic design


1) Research and understand the client's products and service, their customer base, and their mission.


2) Prepare your portfolio of all the existing work you have done for other clients and your experiences.


3)Reach out to them by videos or by emails about their company and how you can help them grow sales by improving their branding by your expertise in graphic designing and ask for an appointment or consultation call.


4)Show your samples during the consultation call and try to bring your X factor to them and give your proposals along with the cost. Try to give as many values and freebies for them in order to

Make them happy.


5)Follow up after 3 days if they don't revert back.


These are the simple steps in order to get freelancing graphic design clients.


Freelance graphic design work sounds so easy-you only need to search for job opportunities online and showcase your portfolio to potential customers.


But in reality, this story is much more complicated. The world of freelancing is continuously evolving and forces you to figure out the changes happening in and around the freelancing graphic design market.



What do you think about the future of freelance graphic design?


 Have you noticed any other trend that could impact this business in 2020?


Share your ideas in a comment- we would love to see it.


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