How to get more youtube views and subscriber

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In this post, I will show you the fastest way to grow your youtube views and subscriber that too in an ethical way.

Hello, everyone, this is your friend Shahzad, I can understand your pain you started your youtube channel posted some video,s, and hope that you will get to rule on the platform and start making decent money from youtube but to your disappointment, it doesn't happen the way you think. 

You don't have to work hard but you have to work smartly so that your effort brings fruitful results not only for you but the people who are dependant on you.

You have got skill, talent and you share your skill in the form of video, you put 1 video, 2 videos, 100 videos but not much improvement. Now what you get disappointed and complain that the platform is not good and quit. The problem is not on the platform but the problem is in your approach, and I will prove it.

I will not teach you, do keyword research, competitor research, check google trends, create amazing videos with good sound and video, create eye catchy thumbnail.

This post is beyond that, of course, you have to do all the above because in today's day and age the attention span of people is declining and people want instant solutions for their problems.

Grab your reader, viewer attention within 30 seconds of your video and show them what they will get from the video and separate the crowd from your target audience and deliver exactly what you promised at the start of the video (no clickbait).

Coming back to the topic of how to gain more views and subscribers on youtube.

  1. Do proper research before posting a video on youtube, check its trends, difficulty, top players ranking, analyze their video, provide 10x more value, build a Catchy thumbnail, and create a good video with proper sound.

2. Use proper heading for your video, write some description about what you are going to show them in the video, use proper "Tag" (longtail with keyword difficulty) include your brand keyword. Use the keyword in your title, description, thumbnail, video, and first 30 seconds of your video.

3. Share your content in social media platform like Quora where people are asking the question related to the topic of your video, answer the question then and there and paste your youtube video link this way they will come to check the content in your youtube channel.

Here the magic begins now I am going to share your secret code, just paste that code at the end of your channel name.


Let me show you.


That's it now when people come to your channel they will be prompted to "Subscribe".


Hope it helps you get more views and subscribers.