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Jaganathan Rajagopal

Freelancers Lives in Bangalore, India Born on March 26, 1984 Looking for Freelancer Work
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Founded in 2021 by Jaganathan Rajagopal, JR Market Lead has come a long way from its beginnings in B... View more
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Lead Generation
Jaganathan Rajagopal
Who is your dream customer? and Why?
What have you seen others use as a lead magnet to attract them?
#leadmagnet #jrmarketlead
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Jaganathan Rajagopal
Jaganathan Rajagopal
Which method is best to generate #leads for #RealEstate?
1. #SEO
2. #SEM
Malathi KS
Both go hand in hand
August 7, 2021
Digi  Visible
August 12, 2021
Jaganathan Rajagopal
Follow the Real Estate Business Ecosystem to generate qualified leads.
Jaganathan Rajagopal
Today, I was searching for a web designer, then I found something very interesting story and thought let me share it with everyone.
More ever, I love to share content in the form of telling a story.
Do ... View more
Jaganathan Rajagopal
Finally, today after watching the recording i was able to add Fomo to my website. Looks good and will add to my other website to increase the traffic.
All credit goes to my GuruNatha (Mentor) Gaurav.
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Santhi Prakash
Where are the recordings? One excel sheet shared, but few passwords not working for Zoom Recordings.
August 7, 2021 Edited
Jaganathan Rajagopal
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Gaurav Gurbaxani
It's evolving for sure!
August 6, 2021
Jaganathan Rajagopal
Jaganathan Rajagopal
From 2019 I was searching for a one roof digital platform where I can start my freelancing work without jumping on different tools and software, most of the time I want to give up and focus on regular... View more
Jaganathan Rajagopal
Which method is good to generate qualified leads for the real estate industry?
Paid leads or Organic leads?
#realestate #leadgeneration
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