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by ContentNinja in Content

Are you looking for original, Copyscape passed, and native English (USA/UK) standard contents for your website or blog?

I am an experienced SEO-optimized Content Writer and Direct Response Copywriter with Certifications from Digital Marketer Lab.

I have more than six years of experience writing across various fields, like textiles, retail, coaching, business proposals, and eBook writing.

High-quality original content is the best way to engage your readers. An SEO optimized content aimed at Call-To-Action has benefits like:

  • More visitors to your website
  • Increased brand awareness
  • A growing list of visitors
  • Authority
  • More exposure on social media
  • Easier customer acquisitions
  • More repeat customers
  • More referrals
  • More revenue and lower cost

I can write engaging original articles for your Blog, Website Pages, Product Description, or any other purpose.

What I offer:

Unique content (500 words and more) in English (UK or USA)

A Flesch-Kinkaid reading score between 50 and 75, depending on your audience.

Your keywords included naturally, and

Approval from Copyscape.

When working on a new project, I like to speak with my clients to have a clear understanding of their needs and vision of the project.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. I look forward to working with you soon.

Please note: Before ordering my gigs, always message me first to check if I am available/able to fix the problems. Do not just order and cancel because gig cancellation will affect my rating.


Up to 750 words: INR 2,100

Additional  each 500 words or part thereof: Rs. 500

Delivery: 3-4 days after getting all inputs and confirmation

Maximum 5 revisions.

If you are not satisfied you will get a full refund. 


Approval/revision request accepted up to 3 days after submission. If no formal approval or revision request is received with above period, the gig will be deemed approved.

Ownership of all material submitted will be transferred to the client after receiving approval. Prior to approval the copyright will remain as property of digitalmarket.com. Unauthorized use of submitted content before approval and transfer of rights is prohibited.

Thanks again, and have a great day 😀

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