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Shibu Chakravorty

Job Lives in Kolkata, India Born on March 6, 1967 Certified Member
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Married with three beautiful daughters and a loving wife. I reside in Kolkata but currently statione... View more
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Shibu Chakravorty
Hi guys, my name is Shibu Chakravorty
I live in Kolkata but currently I am in my workplace in Jangaon, Telengana.
I am a WordPress web developer and I also do a bit of graphics using Canva Pro
Shibu Chakravorty
Hi guys, I need your input, I hv been given a two months' project to handle Social Media Marketing for an agency's client to do with handling their FB & Instagram as promotion with rgds to daily engag... View more
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Shibu Chakravorty
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Shibu Chakravorty
Shibu Chakravorty
Hi, Shibu here from Kolkata.
A teacher by profession.
Now into Digital Marketing as a Freelancer and I specialise in web designing with a decent knowledge in SEO and graphics using Canva
Love to stay c... View more
Shibu Chakravorty
added a quote from Christopher Dayagdag
Shibu Chakravorty
Shibu Chakravorty
Choose any two WordPress Themes or Plugins or a combination of both for just $1 only and build yourself an amazing website.
Attention Web Designers, how many of you are currently struggling on pursuing... View more
Shibu Chakravorty
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