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Sridhar Paruchuri
by Published on May 28, 2021

An epic template of a world-class blog post

Blog-genius Robbie Richards, who managed to generate 400,000 pageviews with 20 blog posts, shared a template he uses to create super engaging world-class content.

1. Headline
1.1. Surprise factor
1.2. Clear benefit
1.3. SEO keyword

2. HOOK and big WHY for a reader - give the reader the feeling that if they keep reading they will overcome a challenge
2.1. Connect with the reader personally
2.2. Highlight a pain-point of the reader
2.3. Introduce "Ace"
2.4. Backed by stats or research

3. Table of contents + Content Upgrade (if post is over 4,000 words)

4. Body (List, Process, Step-by-Step, Framework)
4.1. Anchors back to the Ace
4.2. Optimize for SEO keywords + SEO phrases
4.3. Sentences are short and easy for the reader to digest
4.4. Sub-headings and dot points are used
4.5. Informs the reader before promoting the author
4.6. Written to one person
4.7. Topics are not over-explained
4.8. Helpful links are included
4.9. Relevant images, informative screen-shots, and graphics are included

5. Conclusion
5.1. Summarizes the key points of the post
5.2. There is something clear the reader can put into action.

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Sridhar Paruchuri
If you wish to add some thing to the above template.. what it will be? Let's have a discussion ... feel free to share your points
May 28, 2021
Interperse text with images, video snippets : suggest where multi media can be inserted in the text to enhance recall ability and sharing, comments etc
May 29, 2021
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