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Nitin Joshi
by Published on May 6, 2021

 Yes, these words are powerful, isn't it?


The world is moving Digital, and this article headline doesn't cope up with the scenario.


The title must be "The End of Digital Marketing comes under cumbersome hierarchical structures."


I am not kidding, Digital Marketing may end, but marketing is an immortal term. 


Marketing will not end any sooner. It is a kind of fuelless engine with no brakes that is kept in a never-ending slide.


However, from the past, the change in Marketing we have faced is the "Change of Medium."


In addition, once brands used to rely on newspapers, television, and radios, now brands are more prominent for Digital Medium.


In addition, I am also a Digital Marketer, and my name is Nitin. 


Does change make you uncomfortable? It is because you are not ready to grow.


Let's understand the marketing concept, the principles, laws, and how marketing has no replacement in the future. 


Also, before that, let's understand how marketing can help your brand make one crore, i.e., ₹1,00,00,000 successfully. 


Making 1 Crore by leveraging the power of marketing:


Let suppose you have a health-related product that is helpful for people and also is solving their problems.


If your product price ₹100, then you will need 1,00,000 customers to buy your product. Similarly, if your product price is ₹1000, you will need 10,000 customers that buy your product.


In the higher case of price, for ₹10,000 product you will need only 1000 customers, and for ₹1,00,000 Product you will need 100 customers only.


The image below pictures the same idea stated in the example above.


Here you can see that product price is inversely proportional to the number of customers.



Mind map to create 1 cr - Global Digitify


From this graphical chart, it is clear that marketing is not a game of creativity; it is just based on science.


However, executing campaigns can be a part that comes with the need for creativity. It is directly associated with the following topic Law of Marketing, not the Laws of Marketing.



Law of Marketing


It is worth sharing that it was never the marketing laws. Still, it is the Law of Marketing, and the rule is simple as Marketing is based on science, not on creativity.


Let's assume that you are having a product and need to plan marketing strategies for the development. 


Moreover, here What will you produce first? The product or the Marketing plans?


90% of people will say product, but this is not the case. 


Marketing starts before creating the product. You might be wondering, Nitin are you kidding me?


You create the product, and you market the product. Still, the case here is when making the product, you might have some end customer in your mind, and that ideal customer might need the product you are creating. 


The customer's need leads you to create a product that fits, so what is this called?


Long story short, it is marketing


Okay, so now you must thank me as I helped you to clear your thoughts about marketing.


You might be saying Nitin got some sense here. I have been mentored by India's Best Digital Marketer, aka Digital Deepak as Deepak Kanakraju.


Also, marketing is not about delivering or landing your message at any time to the customer.  


Let's assume you are partying with your friends, and you ate like a horse, and now you went back to your home and saw a pizza in the oven.


Does this make you hungry? Not at all, right? But it does make me hungry as it is 8.07 PM, and it is time for my dinner and guess what I just got a notification from Dominos, and I made a decision to order now.


Is this even real? Hell, Yes.


In your case, even if it was the world's most delicious food kept on your table, you will never eat it, but mine was different. It was at the right moment to the right person.



Law of marketing - Global Digitify



What can we conclude here? 


Marketing is all about delivering the right message to the right person at the very right time.


Let's suppose you love visiting your favorite uncle Sam, and the thing is Uncle Sam constantly pokes you about the importance of education in life. Now, it's high time for you, and you are fed up with your favorite uncle as he keeps on telling you the importance of education.


Now, consider another case, you visit uncle Sam, and you are treated with gifts and self-growth books from Uncle Sam. At the time of deploying offerings, he tells you the importance of education.


There is 95% that you would start loving Uncle Sam for this kind gesture.


To sum up, marketing is not just about selling. Still, it is also about keeping an existing customer happy by communicating with them. Hence, they remain a customer for life.


Does that mean tycoon brands like Amazon should start sending gifts to their customers? 

In such a case, Amazon will be on the brink of bankruptcy soon.


Jokes apart, marketing is all about developing trust, and this comes when we keep an existing relationship happy. 


What do you think about the purpose of marketing?


The purpose of marketing is to build a brand and capture a position in the minds of consumers.


Once a brand reaches this stage, they are introduced to a free marketing source as 'Word of Mouth Marketing.' 


For instance, Vimla is a person looking for a good Digital Marketing Blueprint where she can learn the ins and outs of marketing; while searching, she is introduced to 'Passive Income Blueprint - Make your first $100 while working from home' - by Global Digitify.


Now, Vimla loves the product thoroughly, and now she is promoting Passive Income Blueprint like anything. She is writing blogs about it, sharing it over social media platforms, personal Whatsapp chat groups, and more.


So the cost of getting a client like Vimla was $20, and now she is contributing to the business by doing selfless promotion alone, generating a $200 trade. 


In this case, Vimla did a mouth marketing which is the best. So the gist here is, the outstanding product sells itself just like Passive Income Blueprint.


Vimal would be considered as the loyal brand ambassador of Passive Income Blueprint. 


Also, marketing should be less important than the product itself.


But how Vimla bought the product?


She might have seen ads for the product, she might have gone through some articles, or maybe mouth of word marketing by some other loyal brand ambassador.


Many people here will say Advertising is marketing, copywriting is marketing, or sales are marketing.

But the fact is Advertising, copywriting, and sales are considered as a subset of Marketing.



Copywriting, Sales, Advertising - Global Digitify


Branding again supports the concept of marketing.


Branding: Building a solid brand


India's number one Digital Marketer always says, do not be number one but be the only one.


For example, suppose you are looking forward to becoming India's best Digital Mentor. In that case, this may take you few years to achieve, but if you can start with your city, then you can accomplish this goal sooner.


i.e., select a category and become a leader in the class.


Likewise, in few fields, brands have become verbs. Xerox, Zoom, Uber, Google have replaced the actual words with their brand name in customer's minds.



Branding - Global Digitify


For example, you hardly say, let's search the results on the search engine. Instead, you say, Let's Google.


But what if you want to be the next Google? Is it possible?

I believe no, but you can rephrase this honestly.


If you cannot be a leader in a category, be a leader in a sub-category. i.e., If you cannot create a search engine like google, then explore the sub-category niche as 'a search engine for food restaurants', 'search engine especially for hotels', and examples are Zomato and OYO, respectively.


Every market becomes a two-player market in the long run, as most people only remember number 1 or maximum number 2.


Instead of building a generic product, you can create a product for a specific category. It can multiply your possibilities to become successful in that particular category.


Why learning marketing?


It can be understood in a short paragraph, as marketing is rooted in human psychology and depends on understanding the market.


As no computer can start conversations with humans or create connections with humans, try with your device only. Tell your device how much you love it. No replies? Right?


Even I got the same reply.


Marketing is all about communication, economics, market behavior, and psychology. Also, it is a game of perception, and humans can only create perception.


So long story short, if you are a marketer, then you can get hired for execution. Marketing has a safe career; if you learned how to market and sell, your future is secure.



Importance of Communication Skills


Good marketing is all about good communication. Good communication doesn't mean that you use a high vocabulary and sophisticated English.


Suppose I can present my thought through this blog effectively, and it is helping you understand the concept of Marketing in a much deeper way, then yes. In that case, I can conclude that Nitin is a good communicator.


I never used any high vocabulary to share the thought, but rather it was simple English.


Marketing is not a manipulation. You must write as you talk and you might be thinking that I am sitting next to you explaining all the terms about Marketing.


Never start a new conversation with people. They already have some discussion going on their mind with themselves; instead, try to be part of an existing conversation.


Likewise, I know you are interested in marketing and can hook you by writing a blog like "Is this the End of Digital Marketing?". You were already having the conversation in your mind about learning Digital Marketing. I questioned you so that you can get the answer from my blog.




Commnunication - Global Digitify


Secret Tips to improve your communication skills:


1. Write a lot; once you start writing, it will organize your thought process.

2. Watch standup comedies, elevator pitch, TEDx talk.

3. Start thinking in English; rather than saying okay in your native language, try to add a meaningful statement as a supportive sentence, particularly in English. 

4. Record your voice while speaking and listen to it.

5. Do all these steps in a rigorous loop.



Global Economics and Marketing


What does the word economics refer to?


The branch of knowledge is concerned with the production, consumption, and transfer of wealth.


Economics and marketing play a fundamental role in the growth of a business.


Economics is the best for businesses. 




Economics and marketing - Global Digitify


The main point in learning economics is you will get to know about the country you are targetting and the lifestyle of the area where you plan to market your product.


As economics says, you need to be frugal with your outlook with your business and be highly efficient with your type of business. If this is not the case with your business, then your business might drain away in times of recession.



Traditional VS Digital Marketing


As there is a drastic change in marketing, previously people used to market on traditional mediums like Newspaper, Radios and, Television.


Now, most people and businesses prefer to advertise on Digital Media.


I do not say that DigitalDigital is the only media that is left with us. Even today, millions of people are consuming content through traditional means.


Traditional Marketing is still effective for generic products like Apple iPhone and more such things.


Pros of Tradition Marketing:


  • Best suited for generic products where performance tracking is not measured.

Cons of Tradition Marketing:


  • No personal communication with the lead
  • No concept of Deep Marketing
  • No tracking Natural Sales



Direct Response Marketing


Digital Marketers highly appreciate direct marketing, and not most of them are into it. 


What is Direct Response Marketing?


Direct response marketing is a type of sales technique designed to evoke an on-the-spot response and encourage a prospective customer to take action by opting in the advertiser's offer.



Direct Response Marketing - Global Digitify



Unlike other marketing types, the direct response requires little or no time waiting to see measurable results.


Here are a few examples:

1. An ad in a newspaper with a phone number to call.

2. An ad is leading to a landing page with a lead form.

3. A sales page with a product with a link to purchase the product.


Pros of Direct Response Marketing:


1. Advertisers can access the performance of the campaign

2. Generates Immediate ROI

3. Measurable Outcomes

4. Targeting specific audiences

5. Precise Segmentation


Let's consider the example of Vimal, where she bought Passive Income Blueprint with the help of Direct Response Marketing only.


She saw some ads, which created an urge to click on that ad, and after that, she was redirected to the particular sales page of the product, and boom, she made the purchase. But it is not always this simple. It would help if you created a CATT funnel also.


CATT Marketing Funnel and Framework


It is based on a formula of niche stating:


Wealth = n˄CATT



n - niche: Your success and wealth will depend on the place you choose


C - content: Create helpful content that solves people's problems from your business. Content here refers to blog posts, videos, lead magnets, live webinars, and more.


A - attention: Drive attention, i.e., traffic to your content using SEO, social media, paid ads, and referrals.


T - trust: Build trust with your audience with tripwires, marketing automation & retargeting.


T - transaction: convert your leads into customers with natural sales methods.


I learned this concept from India's best Digital Marketer, aka Digital Deepak.


Here is the demonstration of the CATT marketing funnel and framework.



CATT Marketing Funnel - Global Digitify


This picture comes with a question that, 'How to choose the right niche?'


Your niche will be the combination of Talent, Passion, and Market.



Niche Selection - Global Digitify


Case 1: If you have talent and passion, you might end up as a struggling artist as there is no market demanding your skill. 


Case 2: If you have passion and the market is open for you, then again, you will create a failed startup, as the business will need fuel which is again your talent.


Case 3: If you have talent and an excellent market to show your skill, but you are passionless, then there is a chance that you may end up quitting the particular job. 


So, finding a niche is a combination of all three altogether, as passion will work as a fuel in the market, and talent will assist the business to stay in the market.



Integrated Digital Marketing


Most people run ads, do email marketing, SEO, and all necessary stuff, but still, they fail.


The primary reason is the lack of integration of marketing strategies.


Before you start your business, you must integrate content marketing, email marketing, paid ads, SEO, social media, and all strategies to make sales and conversion more effective.


Here is an example where you can see how the integration of all these techniques works.



Integrated Digital Marketing - Global Digitify



The Power of Personal Branding


People tend to interact with people, not the brands or logos of companies.


DD always says the best know will always beat the best ones.


It is not enough to be good at something as people should know you are good at something.


Suppose in the case of Vimla, and a company comes as a sales agent. In that case, there might be the possibility that she will end the conversation right there only. Still, if Nitin as a person as sales agent greet her and lead her to the sales page, then there might be a chance she will purchase Passive Income Blueprint.


The fun fact here is she already made the purchase.


So, the point here is people want to hear from people, not the brands.


Let me give you a prominent example here, Elon Musk has a more significant following than SpaceX and Tesla.


The downside of a personal brand is that it cannot be invested in and cannot be sold.


However, as a personal brand, I can sell my company Global Digitfy but not my name?


My co-founder Raaj Shome will kill me if I thought to sell this company. 


Jokes apart, the company is not for sale, but the fact here is I cannot be sold.


Also, the upside part is a personal brand can give rise to many brands from his/her influence.

Likewise, Media Marketing Tycoon is one of my other companies. 

But the question is, how can you grow as a personal brand?


#The Evolution of Personal Brand

  • Learn: Learn through concepts, facts, and procedures. Always try to understand the ideas remember the facts and practice the methods.
  • Work: Take your new skills and make them work for you. A real-world implementation will teach you the ins and outs of that particular skills.
  • Blog: Write a blog about your learning journey and the experience that you gained through that work. Writing a blog can help you to organize your thought process well.
  • Consult: Start doing consulting; while consulting, there is a high possibility that you might discover new facts about your work. 
  • Mentor: Mentor others who want to become like you. 


It is the game of mass trust, and personal brand helps you gain mass trust, as again people trust people only.



Mass Trust - Global Digitify

To reiterate the whole blog I must say that marketing is a fun-loving activity, if you want to learn Digital Marketing then first you have to understand the concept of marketing. 

Moreover, the future of marketing is like an open sky with endless opportunities. If you think this is true then share the energy in the comment box. 

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