Top 100 digital products to promote this year

A product of any kind is an item that you can sell for cash but a digital product is one that you sell online that doesn’t have physical a form or substance. It’s an easy-to-use experience that can be sold online over and over and gives outstanding value to its users. For instance, mobile apps are digital products, so are podcasts, videos, PDF or audio files.


 These digital products are so popular now that most smart entrepreneurs want to start selling them.The number of global digital buyers is expected to surpass 2 billion which means huge opportunities for businesses and website owners.

Their biggest advantage over physical products is that you don’t need space to store them, and customers receive the product immediately on purchase. The profit margins are high. With physical products, you have to worry about things like manufacturing, shipping, local business laws whereas for digital products you take a computer and an internet connection and create a product worthy of selling. That being said, product development is time-consuming getting a digital product ready for market takes a great deal of planning and testing.

The most popular digital products are:

Courses: Customers have the convenience to learn in their own time. You can share your knowledge in streamable or downloadable video courses to sell. Many people will pay for the value that digital courses provide. You can create courses of different sizes and at different price points or one-off course

There are a variety of different types of digital courses, like bootcamps, In-depth courses, livestreams and webcasts, and test preparation courses

Ebooks: These are a great way to share information, and simply need written text and a few images. They are easy to share on websites and are consumed on tablets, e-readers, computers, or mobile phones. If you already have customers who have bought your online courses and other digital products, you can introduce them to your e-book. Many people indeed post free tutorials and guides online. However, if you can create one that’s longer, more in-depth, and of higher quality, go ahead and sell it as a digital product.

Software: Software is a digital product category, with growing opportunities. Creating software isn’t necessarily simple but if you know how to code, there are a variety of ways to monetize your skills. Code writers and product developers make apps that speed up business tasks and daily life. Many software programs are sold as subscriptions instead of licenses and customers pay a nominal monthly fee to use software. As long as they pay, they retain access. You might sell thematic elements for a web design, such as navigational buttons, header images, font combination suggestions, social sharing buttons. Software can be the most profitable digital product.

Photographs: High-quality, premium photos are one of the most sought-after digital products today.Photographs can be sold through photo marketplaces and individual websites, or created on-demand as a service.Portraits, Stock photos, Event photos Backgrounds. The biggest consumers of online photographs are bloggers and website owners.

Videos and animation: Probably the most used digital product videos are useful for almost every industry. Video are more engaging than text extremely popular and effective format for delivering information online. Content can be educational, informative, or entertaining. If you’re a great public speaker, have a visual-based passion, or just love sharing your thoughts on video, with a little editing time you can sell videos online.Animated explainer videos, App previews, Live action, Testimonials, Product videos, Event coverage, Drone footage, Recipe videos. Interviews

Audio and Music: Indie musicians can make excellent livings by selling their creations by themselves.You can record your own music, then make it for sale anywhere you wish. you can make your music available exclusively as digital files. People can then listen to them on MP3 players, Bluetooth speakers their computers, and other devices. People pay for audio files that entertain them, soothe them, inform them, inspire them and help them achieve business goals.

Digital Art: Just like photos, graphics and digital art are popular types of digital products that have a wide variety of lucrative options for earning income. If you’re a graphic designer or digital artist, you might be surprised by all of the things you can create and sell! The DIY and commercial markets converge in this case. Entrepreneurs like you want to build their own websites, but they need attractive assets with which to populate their designs.

There are also a lot of possibilities when it comes to digital products, and regardless of the type of business or website you run, there will be options. From large enterprises, to small businesses, down to individual users, here are just a few of the types of digital products you can make and sell:

An enterprising freelancer could  write an ebook on how they started as a freelancer such as a Beginner’s guide to freelancing. Next an E-learning course or create a certified course on a particualr profession. 

Similarly a counselor, life coach,, or wellness expert. There are so many new professionals to discover and market to.  They can help a wider audience via digital products to share guides and tutorials via a paid newsletter subscription.

Wellness experts need to create meditation audios where they could potentially sell 10-15 minute audio recordings of meditations and mindfulness exercises. Video courses are so popular. They could create a video series of coping strategies, grounding techniques and wellness tips and printable trackers.

Digital products for beauticians: Contact these customers and show them how to take their expertise online.  People love to know about top products.

Sell Digital products to designers. If you have customers who are designers, you know their skillset is constantly in demand. They need digital products to create things like wallpapers as background for their desktop or smartphone. New emojis are always welcome. They can design printable posters. Likewise Fonts withspecial text styles Photoshop templates for product mockups, effects, layouts and more. Stylish  business card templates will help their  customers  look  professional. Infographic design templates are great  to clearly present a lot of data and information. They need templates of every kind for their customers

If you know  graphic novelists and comic artists they need digital products too.


Sell  people some unique icon sets for the website or landing page, you can reach your clients straight away with some ready-made designs. 

Here’s a list of digital product ideas for IT specialists. Sell them some premade themes, for WordPress for example, which customers can download and use straight away on their own website.  Browser plugins to customize the browsing experience, or provide a web server where clients can store their files and data. 

There are so many aspiring chefs, cooks and food-lovers out there who could share their culinary knowledge and experiences with the world, using these hot digital product ideas. Show them nutrition plans for wholesome and nutritious meal plans and recipe ebooks.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. You can find digital products for so many professions like musicians, healthcare, small businesses of every kind. Everyone could use some digital aids. The sky is the limit. Your goal as an entrepreneur who sells digital products should be to create more products and convince your existing customer base to buy them. That’s how true wealth is created.

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