Have lunch for breakfast

What is the most precious commodity we have?  It is time.  If you are not mindful it’s easy to let time slip by and, over a lifetime, you can squander it and have nothing to show for it.  If you are looking for a simple plan that you can adopt that can become a game-changer for you, waking up early is definitely one of those habits. Yes, a simple change that you could make that would get you healthier, happier and smarter than your peers.  In the words of Robert Brault, one key to success is to have lunch at the time of day most people have breakfast.  You can up your productivity in school or at work, have higher energy levels plus have a better mood all day.

So what actually happens when you go to sleep every night?  Your body while at rest gets to drop your blood pressure.  Your breathing gets slow and heavy and your body temperature drops.  This gives a chance for your muscles to relax and repair themselves.  Your last thoughts as you nod off are probably about what you’re going to get done the next day.  But then you wake up late, you inevitably get caught in traffic and all those plans go for a toss. 

When you’ve had the rest you need, instead of sleeping in, just try and wake up earlier and give yourself a head start.  Have a nice hot cup of coffee or tea.  Watch the sunrise, meditate or kickstart your day with a good workout.  In fact, your morning workout will keep you energized all day long.  Students who wake up earlier tend to get higher grades and perform better on tests than students who sleep in.  Just don’t wake up early and wander around, and not make the most of your time.  Remember your brain is at its most alert in the morning.  This is precisely why Apple CEO Tim Cook has said he rises at 03:45 to start checking email.  It’s no surprise that Oprah Winfrey says she gets up at 06:02 every day for reflection, meditation and exercise before starting work at 09:00 sharp.  These are the people who have discovered that we have a short life and time is ticking incessantly.

Use that time wisely to focus on important tasks.  You won’t suffer the usual interruptions and distractions as the rest of your household sleeps on. You tend to make better decisions and think more clearly in the morning, than at any other time of day.  Starting the day early also improves your concentration which means you can accomplish those goals and tasks that you set.   Getting up early means that by the time you get to work or school, you’ve had hours to properly acclimate yourself to the day. You’ll be more alert during peak hours as a result without having to down a great deal of caffeine.

When you make a habit of rising early, your body clock will tell you to wind down earlier at night.  Don’t be tempted to sleep late and yet wake up early.  Your immune system needs to reboot itself while you rest.

Gradually transform yourself into a morning person.  Use the quiet time for goal setting. You’ll find yourself planning for the weeks ahead, anticipating problems, and dealing with them efficiently.  Get into work early and be more productive than your peers as you have had quiet uninterrupted time to focus.  The best part is there will be no need to work long hours.  Reap your rewards and come home earlier and spend more quality time with the family.

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