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31day Controversial Challenge: https://youtu.be/tAEPiHpFKjI

Thank you all for joining the gr, you can share whatever comes to your mind & post into the group, we are help & grow family not to judge anybody. Open your mobile, Record & share. It can be story, poem, any song, message, anything....

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My Quick Review on DigitalMarket.com & Gaurav Guru-2021


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Review on Digital Market Freelance Marketplace "DigitalMarket.com" & Gaurav Guru with life in 2021


Last year 27th December 2019, I had joined Gaurav Guru & DigitalMarket.com so, it’s been 1 year for me to be part of the community.
Many new members joined & left, so many events & challenges I was part of, and some might be thinking some tasks in the challenges are the same and nothing new.

Let me tell you those are the only resources required for the Freelancing journey or getting Clients, etc.
If you have all of the assets ready as the Market needs, you must have enough Client & job with you, and for some reason, if it is not the case, then either you have to rework on the same or join the next challenge.
Let me give one small example; we prepared our Website & claim that we are done, whereas whether our Website is as per the Website Checklist, SEO optimized, Payment gateway integrated, Chatbot implemented correctly, the answer may be NO.
The more you add the assets, the more you finetune it, the more confident you will be and more closure to your destination.
Below are my few learnings & up-gradation from the challenges are:
• My Website looks more professional. I need to convert Whatsapp chat to Chatbot auto-response, which is still pending.
• Worked on GMB ranking for my keywords, got a good number of reviews from the team also, which will help me in 2021.
• Collaboration with new & energetic community members tried my best to help.
• SEO checklist, I need to create all of the backlinks for my Website.
• I had experienced Facebook & YouTube Live, which went viral also.
• Micro Video making regularly.
• Black Friday group software purchase.
• To be successful, some important aspects of life are there even though they are pretty simple; we ignore them. Two of them are “Daily Gratitude & The Strangest Secret,” which is automatically fulfilling in the community.
• Many more…

I am excited for 2021, where DigitalMarket.com will be the one-stop solution to get Clients, essential tools like Landing Page, Email Marketing, different templates, etc.
2021 will be the year of me; I will create “Blue Ocean from the Red Ocean.”

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My Second Casual Video, plz give your valuable feedback.


Hi Friends,
Let's communicate through our daily used Mobile.

*This gr is not to judge anybody, help to remove the shyness.
* Daily 3-5 video. (It can be anything either ToDo, your plan/suggestion, any team communication, etc.)
*Time can start from 1 minute.