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Anything related to "Web Content" goes here. This is a room where Content Marketers with a good understanding of practical marketing discuss and share their ideas.

The aim is to create and nurture a syndicate of mainly top-notch content writers, copywriters, graphic designers and video marketers to build a group marketing website jointly, link that to as a group, create gigs there, and distribute the gigs among themselves. Our mission should be to make a sustainable, and scalable real business ecosystem where everyone can make money, and help to grow financially.

Another objective will be to develop aspiring content marketers into ace professionals.

This is a club of self-motivated professionals with a "service to others" mindset only. No motivational message/greetings or unproductive motivational Gyan here as we already have Whatsapp groups.

Welcome to the Den of Fire!


Clare Lynch, one of the top-notch English tutors is my guru on text contents. here's one advice from her. Check this interesting post of her blog.


There's a popular belief that #contentcretors will be redundant with the advancement of #atificialintelligence and #machinelearning. What do you think? Can a program created by humans become the bosses of its creators?

Smarter, yes. Faster processing power, yes. But creative intelligence? We should not forget that the human brain is also evolving with each passing day, and the neurons of one generation are developed faster than its earlier generations. Who makes these changes? He or she or "it" is way more intelligent than humans. I am not getting Philosophical, but Science is still at an infant stage in understanding this #creator.

The Creator sits inside the human brain, as I can feel.

What's your take...?



A hangout for content creators, authors, and copywriters